Powering Mobile Work-styles through end-to-end Mobility Solutions

An end-to-end spectrum of solutions

EME, plans, implements and manages mobility solutions for businesses and public organizations. We provide an end to end spectrum of services from developing and implementing enterprise mobility strategies; incorporating applications and managed services; creating and delivering mCommerce solutions; and implementing business ready Product offerings.

EME’s Mobility services are based on deep industry insights and technical expertise that helps clients across all industries achieve growth, efficiency and manage a successful transformation.

Mobility Solutions by Industry

EME presents a suite of end-to-end mobility solutions, which help clients address industry specific business needs and challenges
EME has proven, established engagements across the entire mobility lifecycle, with :
  1. Global Telcos
  2. Governments
  3. Banks
  4. FMCG
Multiple solutions and services projects have been successfully delivered across the region.

Mobility Solutions across the Business Life-cycle

The evolution of the mobile workstyle has made it increasingly important for professionals to as productive, n the mobe, as they are when at the work-place.

EME powers mobile work-styles with an end-to-end enterprise mobility management solution, as well as intuitive product solutions that address specific business needs within the value chain. These products span across the business life-cycle, for different stakeholders, including customers, sales teams, geographically diversified employees, governments and influencer bodies and service/support teams.

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